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Welcome to BrightFX Academy, where we believe that successful forex trading starts with the right education. Our comprehensive training program is designed for both beginners and seasoned traders, providing you with the skills and confidence to navigate the dynamic world of forex markets.

Meet Olalekan Ortega: Founder of BrightFx Academy.

In just three years, OLALEKAN has carved a remarkable path in the world of trading, demonstrating a prowess that defies his relatively short journey. Born with an innate curiosity for financial markets, OLALEKAN embarked on his trading adventure while still in the university, turning an early fascination into a flourishing career and he will be your guide and teacher in this December training.

Known for his calculated risk-taking, Olalekan navigates the markets with a strategic mindset. His portfolio boasts a series of successful trades that reflect not only his analytical prowess but also a keen understanding of market psychology.

Beyond his individual success, Olalekan is passionate about building a community of traders. He shares insights, strategies, and motivational anecdotes he gained from mentors in the industry like Mr. Ejimi Adegbeye (Founder of Wealth Flow Methodology)
Mr. Akinrinola Solomon( Founder of Sniper Arena) and Mr Solomon Chineber(Founder of KingsolzFx) on various platforms, inspiring aspiring traders to embark on their own journeys with confidence.

Here is an opportunity to receive intensive training on Forex trading at a discounted price. This training comes with post-training mentorship and coaching till you become an expert at it.
Learn how to profit from deriv trading, synthetic index and currency pairs and everything on SMC, price action and Sniper Entry through Trendline.

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